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Thompson M1A1

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Price: €250.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 430908
Manufacturer: King Arms
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This historically accurate replica is manufactured by King Arms, a leading brand name in high end airsoft rifles.  

The Thompson was the world’s first “submachine gun”. The original Thompson M1A1 was a later version of the 1928 Model,manufactured under contract by Colt Firearms Manufacturing Co.

This design was influenced from the experience of WWI where a "trench broom" was needed so that a man could jump into a trench, and take down the enemy with a powerful enough cartridge in fully automatic fire, but with a gun lighter than a machine gun . In 1938, the 10.5 lb Thompson M1A1 submachine gun was adopted by the US Military. The Thompson saw service through three wars.

A very famous USA assault rifle, it was mainly used by the FBI till 1976. It was also very popular with soldiers in World War II. Very often it was used in movies as a weapon used by gangsters (especially the 1928 model), police or soldiers ('Saving Private Ryan').

The Thompson M1A1, manufactured by King Arms, is heavy but well balanced.

The Thompson M1A1 features King Arms M.I.M branded full steel gears with 9mm bearings, oil-less bushings and metal gearbox. The body of the rifle is made from metal, the stock  is made from convincing looking faux-wood ABS.

The upper and lower receiver are historically accurate metal with the unique safety and selector switches only found on the M1A1.

Firing controls, located on the left hand side of the replica above the magazine release, are simple to use and operate flawlessly. Its “peep sight” adjusts for windage and elevation without the need for tools.

The sturdy magazine release is one-of-a-kind and operated as a lever instead of as a button.

The Thompson 1928 Drum Magazine is compatible with the M1A1 model.



Technical Specification:

  • Type : Electric
  • Body Construction: Aluminium, Ainc Alloy, ABS 
  • Internal Construction: Metal Gearbox, Metal Gearset
  • Magazine capacity: 450 BB
  • Recommended Battery Type: Intellect 1600mAh 8.4v Mini type
  • Weight : 3200gr
  • Length: 80.5cm
  • Inner Barrel Length: 31.5cm
  • Power : up to 1 JOULE
  • Maunfacturer: King Arms

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