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Swiss Arms SA-1 (M700) in OD by KJ Works

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Price: €250.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: 600712

The Swiss Arms SA1, or as it is more commonly known in Airsoft, the KJ Works M700, is a gas operated bolt action rifle.

One of the coolest looking sniper rifles on the market, the stock and body are made from a heavy, solid polymer, with a full metal barrel, bolt and cocking handle.

This SA1 is "Green Gas" operated, there's no need for batteries, simply fill the magazine with gas (in the same way as a GBB pistol mag is filled), load the mag with BBs and you're ready to go!

As the gas is loaded directly into the magazine, it provides the gun with a zero-resistance bolt, resulting in a smooth and solid cocking action. This system is an absolute dream to work with - the only work the bolt has to do is load the next BB into the chamber.

Although quite a long rifle, it is not cumbersome. It is easy to move with, and very simple to sight your targets.

Adding optional optics to this rifle is extraordinarily easy! The gun comes complete with a 20mm top rail - simply remove the rear sight, and you can attach a wide variety of scopes.

The KJ Works M700 features a highly accurate adjustable hopup system, located on the top of the barrel - making minute and finer adjustments is simple with this wheel system.

One of the key features of this rifle is its adjustable FPS, which allows you to fine-tune your shots, making it perfect for the excursions to the likes of Berget or Sennybridge etc.


SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of just €199....Usual selling price is €250!

A total saving of €51!!!

The Swiss Arms SA1 / M700 truly is a whole lot of rifle at a rock bottom price

Technical Specification:

  • Type: Gas
  • Body Construction: Full Metal Barrel, Bolt and Cocking Handle. ABS Polymer Body
  • Internal Construction: Metal
  • Magazine capacity: 10BB
  • Manufacturer: KJ Works
  • Weight: 4000 gr
  • Length: 116 cm
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Power: up to 1 JOULE

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Tags: 600712, Gas, M700, SA1, Sniper,