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AWS Raptor MOSFET (V2 Gearbox) - Rear Wired

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Price: €100.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: Raptor_FET_V2HC-X120

Few upgrade parts gain the notoriety and infamy that AWS attained with their exceptional Raptor MOSFET. 

No other MOSFET on the market today has as many features, in as small a package as the Raptor. It requires no wiring, and will fit in any V2 Gearbox (with small modification to the selector plate) .

The Raptor FET is driven by the PIC18LF2321 processor, and features many safe guards such as short cirtcuits, and thermal management in order to keep cool under sustained usage. Of course the Raptor features a MOSFET trigger, which offers lower resistance (increasing ROF), and prevents the arcing of the trigger contacts.

AWS have ensured that every customer will be happy with their MOSFET - it enables you to get a lot more from your rifle, featuring Burst Fire mode (fully programmable), Active Breaking, Cycle Completion, Semi-Only with Pre-Cocking (piston is locked back 75% of the way), Adaptive ROF Control (control your ROF to 10, 15 or 20 rps), LiPo Battery Monitoring, and due to the complete gearbox cycle every time you never have the dreaded trigger jam on semi!

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