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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport/hobby similar to Paintball – a tactical game using Airsoft guns, or R.I.F’s (Realistic Imitation Firearms) as they are also known. It is basically like laser-tag, but with more realistic looking gear.

Other aspects to Airsoft include, but are not limited to, collecting Airsoft Guns, target shooting/plinking, and LARP-ing.


What is an ‘AEG’?

An AEG is an Automatic Electric Gun. The AEG is the industry standard of Airsoft. It uses an internal gearbox powered by a rechargeable battery to fire the 6mm plastic BBs. AEG’s have the ability to fire semi-automatic as well as fully automatic, which gives a lot of firepower.

AEG’s are available in a wide variety of looks and styles, from the iconic AK47, to the more modern M4A1, and even more modern SCAR.


 Is Airsoft legal?

Airsoft is 100% legal in Ireland as of 2006, where the Criminal Justice Act amended and altered the Firearms Act, and redefined what constitutes a firearm; anything with a muzzle velocity below 1 joule of energy was deemed not a firearm.

In 2009 the IAA (Irish Airsoft Association) in conjunction with the Department of Justice solidified Airsoft in law with the Criminal Justice Bill 2009. As part of that bill, Airsoft gained some important legal ground, which has kept Airsoft safe to this day.

It is legal to own and use an Airsoft gun however it must be firing under 1 Joule of energy. You do not need a licence to own or use them, although they can only be used on your own private land, or dedicated skirmish sites, and they must be kept outside of public view. 


Can you use Airsoft guns when/where you want?

You can use any Airsoft gun on your own land once it is outside of public view, or you can use them on dedicated skirmish sites. Brandishing an R.I.F in public is a convictable firearms offence – when transporting Airsoft guns, they should be packed securely (unloaded), and kept out of sight.


What do I need to get started?

Airsoft is a multifaceted game, and your interests dictate what gear you need, however there is some cross over. Whether it is plinking (target shooting) out in your back garden, or skirmishing at a site, the main gear you need to get started is your gun of choice (most commonly an AEG, which also require Battery & Charger), your BB’s and some eye and/or face protection.

Other guns require some different gear, such as Gas Blow Back pistols, which require bottles of Green Gas, or Co2 pistols which require Co2 to operate.


Do you need to have a Firearms Licence to own an Airsoft gun?

No. Airsoft is not licensed, and is 100% legal to own. Airsoft guns are classified as R.I.F’s (Realistic Imitation Firearms), not firearms, and as such do not require a licence for ownership, or for use. The only requirement is that in Ireland all Airsoft guns must be firing under 1 joule of energy.


Are Airsoft guns suitable for hunting?

No. Airsoft guns are not in any way suitable for hunting, and cannot be used as such. The power output of Airsoft guns is under 1 joule of energy, and anything not under this legal limit requires a firearms licence.


Does Airsoft Hurt?

When you are hit in Airsoft, you feel a sharp sting, about as powerful as a strong flick. It is enough to let you know you have been hit. Normally you will just feel the sting, and will at most be left with a minute red mark.


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