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Famas F1 “Foreign Legion” Edition (Battery Powered)

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Price: €180.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 400901
Manufacturer: JLS
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The Famas was first designed just after WWII and was put into service in 1978 and is still serving with the french army today.

Its Bullpup design sets the barrel further into the stock of the rifle, this allows for long range and greater accuracy in mid-sized body. The design makes this airsoft replica Famas F1 a great choice for outdoor use or indoor close quarter battle.

The rifle is built with an ingenious trigger safety, it can be pushed to the "off" position by the trigger finger simply by preparing to fire. Also there is a selector switch on the butt stock giving three options: full auto, semi-auto, and off.

The Famas F1 is ambidextrous, simply remove the cheek guard a reverse its position for comfortable left-handed use.

The outer barrel, bi-pod, trigger, trigger guard, cocking lever, flash hider and grenade support are full metal. The remainder of the body is made from ABS Polymer.The Famas F1 features a full metal barrel, full metal gearbox with a reinforced piston and a powerful ultra high torque motor.

If the devil is in the details we should rename the Famas F1 “Damien”! It is surprisingly true to the real steel original.


*Dot Sight, Flashlight & Silencer sold separately*

Technical Specification

  • Type : Electric
  • Body Construction: ABS Polymer
  • Internal Construction: Metal Gearbox, Metal Gearset
  • Magazine capacity: 300 BB
  • Recommended Battery Type: Intellect 1600mAh 8.4v Mini type
  • Weight : 2860GR
  • Length: 76 cm
  • Manufacturer: JLS
  • Power : up to 1 JOULE

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