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EOTech 551 (Black) by Pro Arms

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Price: €65.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: E551

EOTech sights are among the finest in real steel optics. They grew renowned for their holosight technology, which allows them to be used even if they have been shot out, a feature not found on your standard Red Dot sight.

In the airsoft world, EOTech replicas are often referred to as Holosights, due to their cross hair. However, they are NOT holosights, but rather red/green dot sights. The EOTech 551 is smaller than the 552, and fits snugly on all rifles with 20mm RIS/RAS rails. Due its more compact nature, this sight is perfect for use where rail estate is not quite extensive, or if you want to mount other items.

Pro Arms' replica of the EOTech is stunning in quality - it is almost indistinguishable from the real steel, and everything fits together on it perfectly with next to no wobble. You can toggle the sight between red and green, and adjust for windage and elevation.

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