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Blaser R93 Tactical LRS1 by King Arms

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Price: €250.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 280757

The Blaser R93 Tactical was developed from the Blaser R93 Hunting rifles. These rifles featured a revolutionary straight bolt pull locking system, which allows for far quicker target acquisition between shots. A nice side effect is that it also makes the bolt pull quite a lot easier than the more traditional Mauser/KAR-98 style (rotate up, pull back, return forward, and push down). Blaser also realised the need for a more stable scope platform, and thus they developed a unique saddle mount, which is held in place by two screws/bolts in the receiver.

In the airsoft version, the rifle arrives in two pieces, and requires some basic assembly. You merely slot the two receivers together, and tighten the three bolts (two of these attach into the saddle mount, which applies downward pressure on the outer barrel, keeping everything nice and stable. It also severely reduces wobble from the more traditional scope mounts. The rifle also comes with a bipod swivel stud, which you can move along a track into a position that suits you and your shooting style. Please note that this rifle does not come with scope or bipod; you can view our range of scopes & bipods.

Easily one of the most anticipated Airsoft sniper rifles, the Blaser R93 is proving extremely popular due its exceptional looks and thanks, in part, to Leonardo DiCaprio's use of it in Inception.


Technical Specification:

  • Type: Spring; Bolt Action
  • Body Construction: ABS and Metal
  • Internal Construction: Metal
  • Magazine capacity: 50 BB
  • Weight: 3006 GR
  • Length (Stock Retracted): 115 cm
  • Inner Barrel: 495mm
  • Power: up to 1 JOULE

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